2014 ~ List of Officers of the Lodge
Master David C. Perry
Depute Master George S. Bruce, PM
Substitute Master Campbell D. Matheson
Senior Warden Ross M. McDiarmid
Junior Warden Stephen J. Smith
Secretary (Acting) Ronnie Mackinnon, PM
Treasurer William Hogg, PM
Almoner (Voluntary) Gerrard M. Smith
Director of Ceremonies Ronnie Mackinnon, PM
Chaplain James MacLeod, PM
Senior Deacon Colin McCormack
Junior Deacon Anthony D. Wilkinson
Librarian Vacant
Architect James D. Adams
Jeweller Vacant
Bible Bearer Ian MacSwan
Sword Bearer Vacant
Piper Vacant
Inner Guard (Acting) James D. Adams
President of Stewards Ronnie Mackinnon, PM
Tyler Gerrard M. Smith
Provincial Steward Ronnie Mackinnon, PM
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Welcome to the website of Lodge St Kilda No. 881 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Brethren visiting the Isle of Skye, be assured that a very warm Highland welcome awaits you
at Lodge St Kilda.

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