Work on the building of Lodge St. Kilda No. 881

The history of the current Lodge St. Kilda begins over a hundred years ago. A meeting of Master Masons was held in the Portree Hotel on the 22nd of April 1898 in connection with the resuscitation of Lodge St. Kilda. A petition, signed by 21 Master Masons was then forwarded to the Grand Lodge and on the 22nd of September 1898 a letter was received from the Grand Lodge.

The letter stated that they would allow the new Lodge to be called St. Kilda with a later number. And so the Lodge became St. Kilda No. 881. On the 15th November 1898, the Charter was received from Grand Lodge. It was resolved to receive the deputation for the Consecration on the 2nd of December 1898. Ceremony of consecration which then followed was conducted by Brother John MacPherson Grant, at that time the Provincial Grand Master of Inverness.

In the ensuing years, the Lodge met in a number of locations. These included the Skye Gathering Hall at a rental of 2 shillings and 6 pence per meeting. However, the building of a permanent home for the Lodge was being planned.

A special meeting of the Lodge held in the Skye Gathering Hall on the 11th of October 1912. Those present included the Provincial Grand Master took part in the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of Lodge St. Kilda 881.

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